Boarding Colleges in the UK

If you are looking for Boarding Schools and Easter Revision, then the Cambridge Centre of Sixth-form Studies offers one of the best educational programmes that you can hope to come across. With courses tailored for international and UK students, boarding house facilities that are state of the art, you really can’t do any better for your children.

Give Students a Stepping Stone

CCSS strives to put control into students’ hands by giving them the opportunity to thrive in an environment that is tailored to learning. We aim at enabling sixth-form students to get the very best qualifications possible, in order to give them a stepping stone into the university career that they have dreamed of.

Tailored Courses

The Easter Revision programmes that have been put together are aimed at filling any gaps in our students’ knowledge, by building on the learning that has taken place during the semester. The courses listed below and on our site are available to all our students who are currently studying at any school or college, and are aiming at taking the GCSE, AS or A2 Level exams in 2015.

We believe in the benefit of small group sizes, which enables students to get the attention that is required in order for them to be as successful as possible. As such, we guarantee a maximum group size of 10 students in our Boarding Schools and Easter Revision programmes.

What is Available?

The following GCSE / IGSE courses are available

· Biology;

· Chemistry;

· English;

· French;

· Mathematics;

· Physics;

· Sociology; and

· Spanish.

For the AS and A2 courses that are on offer, please have a look on our website.

Full-Board Accommodation

In addition to the course offerings, CCSS offer a full-board accommodation option, only a few minutes’ walk from the learning buildings. This will enable students to get the full studying experience, and allow them to immerse themselves in the study material. For concerned parents, students will be under top quality supervision for the entire duration of their stay.

Our teachers are specialized in the subjects they are presenting to students. Because our teachers have a passion for their subject, students will soon pick up on this energy, and are likely to improve in leaps and bounds as the course unfolds.

Many boarding schools UK have opened a nice chance for students to enhance themselves in their educations through the Easter Revision program. It is expedient and is very helpful for all students who availed of the program. In addition, the going rates are very reasonable and worth every dime spent. Help your student improve his grades by enrolling him in a boarding school.

Further Information

For more information, please contact the course coordinator directly.

Norfolk Wedding Venues

We all dream of that day when someone will say yes I do in a large crowd of people. Such moments in life requires the best places to occasion them. A wedding reception is the best part of a wedding schedule after the ‘’you can now kiss the bride’’. Many people will always have something to say about the reception.  So having good reception will have positive vibes from your friends and family members not forgetting your co-workers. At Elms Barn, we boast of having one of the elegant wedding receptions you can ever wish for. We have enough space to accommodate the number of people on your guest list, we will never disappoint you. The enormous space is big enough for a complete wedding setting. Including a buffet, dance floor Dj set chairs and many more. Our three-day wedding reception is ideal for guests who have travelled from far and can happily spend a night in the available rooms. This can help save the money you could use to book hotel rooms for your guests. Our rooms can hold up to 34 guests in your guest list.  With us there is no need of having separate reception due to lack of space for your guests.  We are there to fulfil your needs and make your ideal wedding dream come true.

We ensure that our compound does not hinder your wedding reception enjoyment because of obstructions. We are qualified in wedding decoration and arrangements that will have you wondering how we made it possible. Do you want a private wedding reception? With no get crushers from people you don’t know. Having a big day even in some public place can be very disturbing. There is no privacy and a lot of distractions from passersby, hooting cars and many more. However, Elms Barn’s amazing wedding barn services has got your back. We provide a private place in a relaxed environment far from the city noise. You never know who might gate crush your party might be very embarrassing for such to happen on your big day. Make it private by coming to us for the best experience of your lifetime.

A Great View

People always love what they see if it is appealing. The expensive and luxurious look at our reception will give you the real idea of a grand reception. An excellent view comes with a lot of advantages more so when it comes to taking photos of your wedding or filming it for future reference.

New Builds in Suffolk & Essex

Are you in need of a new home in Ipswich? Welcome to Hopkins Estate Agents. We offer a variety of selections of both new and older properties. Ipswich has experience in an increase in family homes since they are on high demand. We have homes with desirable neighbor hoods just as you like it. The homes in our list have the nature touch with a relaxed environment to keep you at rest from your days hustle. We have big houses that have three to four bedrooms placed strategically in cool areas with a solitary life. We lead as others follow. Our clients have always called us to thank us for making their dream come true.

The new builds Essex homes we have are surrounded with a private garden and off-street parking. The internal decoration of the buildings is just magnificent giving your dream home a kingly look. The internal decorations are traditional with some open plan always making sure to get you something that matches your lifestyle. Hopkins home agency selects the best homes looking at the interiors that match your modern dream home. That has always made us the best agency in this business. It’s never all about your money but what is best for you. Working to your satisfaction has always been our number one goal. Nothing attracts most people as a fully furnished kitchen. Our home kitchens come with an oven, hob and extractor fan. Our clients have the opportunity to choose from the variety of kitchen stylish units. These include classy and decorative wall tiles, floor tiles and worktops. The bathrooms will have you screaming for they are spanking new and flashy made with stylish white sanitary ware. Hopkins uses a traditional approach in building and home selection. We love to preserve culture and traditions. We make our homes look very comfortable and easy to maintain. The comfort and friendly atmosphere of a home are imperative.

Having a home in the County town of Ipswich is one thing you can dream of. The rich history of the city makes it exceptional. This is because the town has a variety of cultural activities that will never leave your weekends boring. With a modern and traditional blend, this city makes it easy for everyone to fit in. Social amenities like theatres, a cinema, restaurants, cafes, bars and high street, will make your life very comfortable. Big shops boutique and restaurants are just all over the place with a variety of tasty foods to choose from.

Beds, Mattresses, and Furniture for Home Comfort

Reeds in Norfolk recognizes the benefits of having a conformable bed for the provision of a good night’s rest is to any individual’s health. We have gone out of our way to provide a unique range of sleeping assortments. Our protifolio will accommodate any of your unique preferences. We have ideal sleeping solution for everyone in the family. We have fun beds that are ideal for your children, with the classier adult grand four posts for those looking for status in their taste.

Choosing an ideal bed may seem like a simple task but once you get to the shop, you are many options. That is why Mattresses Norfolk has taken into consideration the need of assistance in the selection of suitable mattress and bed solution with the acquisition of a highly professional staff. We will offer assistance in going through the catalogue of options as well as narrow the selection to the best solution for you. In addition to that, our website has a unique one of a kind means of scheming through our mattress and bed types and sizes through easy to use tabs.

Our services extend beyond the simple provision of quality basic structures, specifically beds and mattresses, but to other bedroom furniture as well. Drawers, bedside and dressing tables inclusive of wardrobes are all within our inventory. We ensure that we not only provide durable goods, but items that are of great quality and design as well. We have divided our goods into departments. The first of which is beds and mattresses. Some of the items under this department include;

· Bed frames

Our bedsteads are attractive and provide a means of adding class to the bedroom. We have wood, cabin and leather options. They are part of the complementary bedroom furniture

· Sofa beds

We have a number of leather and fabric upholstered sofa beds ideal for guests. We have lager set of sofa beds ideal for the sitting room.

· Headboards

On offer are 100 million different headboards for our consumer to choose from. They range in style and design, with an array of fabric to choose from.

· Hypnos beds

These are luxury pocket spring beds made by hand with a specialty in perfection of the most comfortable bed on earth.

· Tempur

These technologically developed mattresses are designed to relive pressure by conforming to the shape of your body.

· Beds

We provide a huge range of luxurious beds that are ideal for the whole family. Some of the brands include Myers, Harrison and Selenite. Our entire quality brand is available at our store. We also provide guest bed options such as fold away and inflatable beds.

Plant Hire in Cambridgeshire

Building and construction require the right machines to use in easing and perfecting your construction work. Dawson Plant Hire understands best what you need for a particular construction project. Our aim is to give you the most out of the least hence making us the number one plant hire in Cambridgeshire services. We are a well-established groundworks and plant hire company. We are available and ready to unleash all the plant machines you need to work on any construction sites. We are also a registered company that can give out sewer connections in Cambridgeshire.

We are proud to say that we have worked with both local and international building projects. The experience they got from our services was just exceptional and we have been getting referrals from them hence giving us new and wide clientele base. Our prices are very competitive with all the in- house fleet and Lorries we always succeed in providing excellent services. All our plants are intact we do not hire from other people we have all of the machines you may need inhouse. We do not segregate offers whether it is small as a pothole repair or as big as a dam construction we are always ready to provide our services.

Our friendly customer care is always prepared to talk to you and advise you too. Our working with different people has strengthened our service delivery in many aspects and fields. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern hence providing high-quality services to our clients. Our expert workmanship will never disappoint you just sit back relax as they are in control and giving you the best of our services. Are you in need of tracked excavators or Mini Diggers, Angle Grinders or Block Splitter? We got you covered with all these plant machines available waiting for you to use them. We have an option of drivers you can either use our drivers or you can use yours.

The excavators are 1.3 tonne EC13 VOLVO with different tracks, also have an EC25 Volvo that has a long dipper. Do you need a Komatsu 75uu offset dipper? We have it too from rock breakers to concrete mixtures. Call us for a perfect deal that will leave you satisfied. We are always ready to strike a deal with you. The financing process is also very easy we can advise you which financing method to use.