Marketing Agency Cambridge

Marketing is a core part of your Cambridge business – in fact, without it you may as well close your doors and go home. Finding a marketing agency that works is therefore vital. In the past, marketing companies used methods such as taking out adverts, cold calling and so on to get leads but today that has all changed. If you want to be in the least bit competitive you have to find an online space and dominate it. This means that the Cambridge marketing agency you choose to work with should not only be familiar with online marketing, they should be experts at it.

There are many aspects to online marketing. In the past it was largely centred on taking out paid adverts. This meant that companies with bigger marketing budgets had the upper hand – they could take out as many online ads as they wanted. Today, however, paid adverts are not so effective any more. Users are tired of being bombarded by ads and instead they are looking for meaningful content that they can engage with and online sellers that they can trust.

Fortunately, search engines have now levelled the playing ground for businesses – it doesn’t matter how big your marketing budget is. If you cannot do good SEO you will be right down there with the rest of them. What this means for you, however, is that if you engage the right Cambridge marketing agency, one that understands the value of SEO and knows how to do it you can achieve Google domination. Google domination means that when users search for keywords that are relevant to your niche your website is one of the first that they will see.

A company like that will know all about premium content, optimized keywords, rich back links, well-laid out websites, websites that render on mobile phones and tablets and everything to do with algorithms that are issued by search engines. They also know how to utilize social media for business – with just one or two properly managed social media accounts they will be able to help you get in more leads to improve your bottom line.

One such marketing agency is A Head in the Cloud. It is an internet marketing company whose primary goal is to help small and medium sized businesses dominate in their niches by building a lasting online footprint. They use only white hat methods that are highly effective.