5 Uses Of Chili Tomato Sauce


If you have been on Facebook lately, then you know that cooking your own food is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the high number of YouTube channels out there that teach people how to cook, this information is reaching millions of people and they are learning how to cook. In learning how to cook you have to have the best ingredients and have ingredients that are versatile. One of the best and most versatile ingredients that can be used in almost anything is tomato chili sauce. Tomato chili sauce is one of the best additives for any dish. Below is a list of five uses of chili tomato sauce.

Uses Of Chili Tomato Sauce

  • Spaghetti Topping
  • All Types of Fajitas
  • Mexican Salsa
  • American Chili
  • Enchilada Topping

Spaghetti Topping

The most common thing that this sauce is used for is spaghetti topping. Many people like spaghetti that has a kick of spiciness to it. There is no better way to add that kick of spiciness than to add chili tomato sauce. With this sauce, you do not dilute the tomato flavor of the paste and you are able to add that spiciness without sacrificing the integrity of the dish.

All Types of Fajitas

Chili tomato sauce is good in almost any type of Mexican dish. However, it is especially good in any type of fajita dish. Chili tomato sauce is perfect for chicken, steak, and pork fajitas. This is because fajitas naturally have chili flavoring as the basis of the dish. Tomato is also a prominent part of the base of the dish as well which is why this sauce is the perfect add-on.

Mexican Salsa

As mentioned, this stuff goes with literally any Mexican dish. It is very tasty in salsa and easy to add. When making a salsa dish, it’s hard to mess it up with this sauce as it tastes good in any portion.

American Chili

Chili has long been a staple in America. Due to the tomato and chili powder base, it just naturally makes sense that chili tomato sauce taste amazing when added to this simple dish.

Enchilada Topping

If you have ever had an enchilada then you know that this dish is traditionally topped with a ton of Mexican seasoned liquid. This liquid is usually comprised of taco sauce. Adding chili tomato sauce as well drastically enhances the flavor of the enchiladas.