Air Con Install

The last time you had an air con unit installed in your Cambridge home things didn’t go so well and you want to make sure that this time you get the right company to do it. There are many air con installation companies in Cambridge and surrounding areas and they don’t all come with the same degree of expertise. It is up to you, as the homeowner, to find an AC installation company that can get the job done. Here is what you should be looking for:
•    Find out whether the company that you have in mind has experience with the brand of AC unit that you want installed. There are many types of AC units available in the market and they differ in many ways – the way you install one may not necessarily be the right way to install another. Before you hire an AC company make sure that they are familiar with your brand.
•    Get a few referrals of customers that the company has serviced in the last 6 months. A good AC installation company will be forthcoming with such names. Be careful not to get the names of friends or relatives as they are not likely to tell you their true experience with the installer.
•    Make sure that the installation company that you choose can also do maintenance. It is important to have your AC unit inspected and maintained at least twice a year – it keeps it from breaking down and you will never have emergencies. Having your installer do the maintenance is better for the long term wellbeing of the unit.
Elliots is one of the best AC installation companies in Cambridge. They can sell you a top of the range unit and make sure that it is up and running. Find out more on their website,