Benefits of Brass Deep Etching Services

Photo etching, also known as metal etching or chemical etching refers to tightly, precise and controlled corrosion process that is used to create complex metal components that has fine details. It is an alternative to punching, stamping, waterjet and laser cutting, and it is cost-effective. Qualitetch is the organisation that has been leading in photo chemical etching in brass. With many years’ experience, they will be able to assist you from prototype to production.

The brass that is to be etched is coated with an acid-resistant substance known as a resist while the etcher exposes the image to be imprinted. Unlike the traditional ways where the etching needle was used, today’s company use photographic means whereby a photo image is prepared. This image is then exposed into a metal, thus resulting in in an exposed and protect the ed metal portions. After the required depth is achieved, the resist is removed from the surface it is dipped into the ink and wiped. After wiping the in, there will be some ink left on the marked lines that can be captured on a paper.

There are several be benefits associated with deep etching on your brass metal. They include;

  1. Proper demarcation.

By deep etching your brass, you will be ensuring that that the product has been properly demarcated as well as to ensure that the product has been made well. Many investors do not want to incur the cost of inventory loss which could lead to reduced profit. So by deep etching, your brass is very useful.

  1. Quick identification.

Etching services are mainly targeted to the client. When your brass is marked properly, many clients will identify them quickly and with ease. This will help your clients to address any performance problems or any other case accordingly.

  1. Verifying production line.

In case of faulty production, deep etching can be very useful. If a given number of products in a line of production turns to be defective, it will be easier for clients to locate the factory involved in the manufacture of the product and address the issue.

  1. Proper classification. It is the dream of every company that the process of production is optimized. This involves ensuring that there is no loss occurred of inventory by any reason. Though some loss may occur. As a result disaster and accident, there should be a detailed report of produced units.
  2. Financial reporting.

If the business does not have proper demarcation, identifying the status of the production line can be a difficulty. Coming up with a financial report to calculate the results can be hectic too. Etching on the products is important as it will enable you to keep a record of product and their performance even after delivering them to the client or while in your store.

Qualitetch is the company that has the answer to brass etching services; they have a wide range of services that make the most of the production process. Qualitetch can help you to achieve the above benefits when it comes to deep brass etching.