Boarding School

When you attended boarding school as a child it was a tough place to be – the teachers were harsh, the living conditions were not the best and some of the students were bullies. Many people of the older generation will strike off boarding schools because of what they remember about them. Today, many boarding schools are different. They have taken particular steps to make sure that children who are entrusted in their care are as happy and comfortable as possible. What you have to do as a parent is choose a school where you know your child will be comfortable. What should you be looking for?
Start by looking into the reputation of the school. Many parents assume that this means how well the school performs academically. While this is important there are lots of other things that matter. Are the students in the school happy? Have there been complaints of teachers who are too harsh? Are student issues addressed in an immediate and appropriate fashion? You should visit the school yourself to see what kind of student body they have. You can easily tell happy students from unhappy ones.
Discipline is also a concern for many parents. When you don’t see your child on a daily basis it can be difficult to know when they are developing disciplinary issues. When choosing a boarding school you should find out how issues of indiscipline are dealt with. The best schools make sure that parents are involved and comprehensive reports are given at the end of each term.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is a great place for your child to attend boarding school. It has excellent teachers, good discipline and a high pass rate. It is a great place for your child to get a sixth form education. You can read more on