Hearing Test for Kids

You have noticed that your child seems to listen more with one ear than the other; or that sometimes when you speak to them they don’t hear you at all. They may be watching TV at very high volumes or getting into trouble at school. While these problems can be as a result of a myriad of issues the first thing you should have checked is their hearing. Hearing loss and deafness are not uncommon in the UK – 1 in 1,000 children are born deaf and many more go on to become deaf in the course of their lifetime. Most of these – more than 90% – are born to hearing parents so you should discount hearing loss on the basis that it is not genetically possible.
It is quite easy to find out whether your child has developed hearing loss. All you need to do is find the right audiologist to work with. Unfortunately the current public health system doesn’t always allow parents to take action right away – you may have to wait for months before an NHS doctor is available to make an assessment. The best thing to do id seek out a private audiologist. There are several in the UK and some of them are able to see patients without any delay.
Talk to your child about their hearing loss before you go in to see the audiologist. They will be anxious about losing their hearing so you need to reassure them that all will be okay and that you will be there to help them in any way you can. Make sure that you choose an audiologist who is equipped and trained to work with children.
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