Laser engraving

Etching engraving and screen printing are used to place words, numbers or pictures on an object. They are commonly used to create professional-looking posters, boards, and circuit boards. This article covers etching, engraving and screen printing services and shows you how to find and select the best engraving specialist for your needs.

What can be Etched?

Almost any type of carbide can be covered by a specialist. The most common types of engraved metals are bronze, brass and stainless steel. The engraving is used for a variety of products to display information or images.

Badges can be engraved with words or even copies of thin photo lines. Tables can be used to create monuments or dedication tables. They can also be used in time capsules. The inverse image engraving offers a large surface, which is ideal for pictures.

A specialized engraving company can clearly engrave all shapes and sizes of printed circuit boards. The engraving is done according to your specifications.

Labels, signs and nameplates can also be engraved. In some countries, safety signs may be required in certain areas to ensure that your employees are always aware of security risks. By writing this information on a sign you will achieve a high quality professional finish.

Engraving designs

You can send your own designs to the engraving specialist, who will then tell you if you can successfully transfer them to an article. When designing your engraved design, you should consider the size of the label to make sure it is easy to read. You can also send your design directly by e-mail to the engraving company for printing.

Another option is to use a design team to create the engraved design for you. Almost all major engraving companies have their own design team that can create a custom design. These design teams often use software such as Corel Draw, Autocad, Freeland 9, and Encapsulated PostScript.

screen printing

Some printing and engraving specialists may also offer a screen printing service. Screen printing is an effective way to professionally print pictures, letters and words on a variety of plastic or metal objects. Common materials that can be screen printed are polycarbonate and polyester plates, metal housings, and membrane plates. Almost any type of plastic can also be screen printed. As with caustic services, specialists can print their own design on the screen or create one for you.

laser engraving

Some companies offer a laser engraving service for engraving plastics, metals and acrylics.

Where can I find an engraving company?

All leading engraving specialists have a website where you can see details of the products and services they offer. Choose a reputable company to ensure a high quality service.


Today, engraving can be used for most of the work currently done by conventional industrial recorders. Machinery and laser systems are used in a variety of applications and industries, including the medical, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

After all, there are no consumables, so the operating costs are minimal and the laser system, when properly exhausted, works cleanly, eliminating the need for expensive cleaning or by-product disposal. Today, laser engraving, cutting and marking is a viable and versatile technology used by many engravers to improve productivity, provide more services to their customers and increase profits.