Everyone needs a gardener. Lawns have to be taken care of no matter the economic times plaguing the world. This is, however, a highly competitive industry that requires you to be a master strategist, a marketing genius and very smart with your finances and bookkeeping.
This business with recurring services so having regular customers can be really good business on your part. Most people never know this but taking care of lawns is quite a good business. The income is constant and the best advertising you can do for your brand id your work. Most new clients are referrals which cut down your cost of advertising to your skill and hard work.
Your business location should also be well thought out to maximize the number of clients you have. Some people have few clients with big gardens while others have many clients who have small lawns that require less care. What you should never forget however is that it is a service business and reputation is your best currency.
Building a lawn care business can be a very lucrative business. You are able to charge a fixed rate as opposed to an hourly rate and being the skilled landscaper you are aided by professional tools you can work faster. This directly translates to more money. A bigger garden doesn’t always mean more money.
Being in lawn maintenance doesn’t mean that’s all you get to do. Diversify your skills to suit the seasons. Being in a lawn care business means you are at the mercy of the seasons and if you don’t adapt and change with them then you will find yourself out of business very fast. Plan for the winter as jobs won’t be easy to come by. That is if they do. In Autumn you will most likely be pruning, treating lawn and planting and each season will have its job description.
In the lawn business, most people have a call out charge. This is to make sure that you don’t waste most of your time traveling between jobs. Your client should have enough for you to do to warrant for you to come hence the charge to help ensure they do need you and to reduce time wastage. You will also need to invest in some protective wear as you will be handling machines and chemicals that are dangerous. Get your tools as well. Let your clients see that you are well invested in your business.