Lawn Doctor Franchise  

If you have decided to take on a lime you may find it quite confusing. What should you take care of first? Should you get a lawyer? What should you be looking for in a lawn doctor franchise? All these questions are important but none is as important as that last one. It is vital that you look into a lawn franchise? If you do not do your homework on this you may end up losing a lot of money. Here is what you should be looking for:
 • Find out what they are willing to give you. Ideally, a lawn franchiser should give you everything that you need for day to day operations but there are some who take short cuts. Find out whether you will get all the equipment that you need for lawn care, whether they will include a furnished office in the deal, a truck or trucks, employee uniforms and even training. If you get all these things all you need to do is hire employees.
 • It is very important, especially in the initial days, that you get support from headquarters. Are they willing to give you operational guidelines? Are they willing to help you when you have problems? It can be very hard for you to operate if you don’t have this kind of support. In fact, it may end up costing you clients.
 • What kind of experience have other franchisees had? In other words, what kind of reviews does the franchiser get? It is worth it to take your time and visit 2 or 3 of them before you commit. See what kind of set up they have and talk to them about what kind of support they get. Find out whether they are happy with the decision to franchise with that particular lawn doctor.
 Lastly, unless you have money on hand you should find out whether you can get financing. This means that you only put down a down payment in the beginning and then pay the franchiser every month once you start making money. The payments don’t have to be made right from the beginning – a good franchiser will give you a few months to get on your feet before you have to start making payments.