Lingham’s chilli sauce

Lingham’s chilli sauce is one of those things which is like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. For those of us with more resilient taste buds, there is nothing more pleasing to the palette than a mouth-watering hot sauce. However, for others, something which will knock your socks off is their idea of food hell. However hot chili sauce remains popular overall and seems like it will be a fixture of British tables and seasoning cupboards for the time being at least, so here is some need to know information about this polarizing foodstuff:

Lingham’s chilli sauce is the ideal accompaniment to a plethora of dishes. One of the most popular applications is on meat (so vegetarians and vegans look away now!). Meals like Piri Piri chicken rely on the hot sauce as an integral flavor, but it makes an excellent addition to many other things. Chicken, dinner, and shish kebabs and other staples of Mediterranean cuisine can be augmented with a dripping of chili sauce. A wide variety of countries makes use of hot chili sauce such as Greece, Turkey, Armenia, and Italy.

If you are wondering how to relieve the effects of lingham’s chili sauce, it can be tempting to reach for the water. A lot of diners also think the best solution is to have a swig of a fresh beer to put out the fire. However real enthusiasts would swear by the efficacy of thick drinks such as milk or milkshakes as this smothers the heat.

Where can I find the best Lingham’s chili sauce available?

When it comes to Lingham’s sauce, you need to have confidence in the power of your weapon of choice. Many of the brands you find in supermarkets and convenience stores profess to be lingham sauce but just don’t cut it with aficionados.

Lingham s heat and floral aroma make it ideal for hot sauces and spicy foods. Lingham’s sauce can be used for spraying over dishes, making square meals tasty. However, one company which produces some of the most sought after lingham’s sauce is available at Visit the website for more information and a product list featuring lingham’s sauce which doesn’t pull any punches.