Luxury Cottage Norfolk

When is the last time you went on a truly relaxing holiday? During your last one you didn’t get much rest – the hotel was noisy with lots of people coming and going, you didn’t particularly care for the food and your family was restless. What if you could have a different kind of holiday this year, one where you could truly relax? You can if you choose a luxury cottage in Norfolk.
These cottages are right in the countryside where you are far away from everything and everyone – you will enjoy the country air and silence, you can sleep in when you like stay out late and do whatever you like. The cottages themselves are built in true British fashion, most of them reclaimed and remodelled – they have been around for a few hundred years. They are however tastefully furnished and decorated and you will have everything that you would find in a luxury hotel.
Many people choose luxury cottages in Norfolk not just for the peace and country air, but also because they get to eat exactly what they want, when they want and how they want it – these cottages are self catering which means that you prepare your own meals. This is important for people who have food sensitivities or allergies or who want to enjoy a holiday without being subjected to hotel food. You can shop for supplies in nearby towns or you can bring supplies along with you.  If you will have trouble preparing your own meals you can ask cottage management about providing meals – for an extra fee you can have a chef cook for you so long as you provide advance notice.
Your first luxury cottage holiday should be at Wheatacre Barn Halls – it has some of the best cottages and amenities in Norfolk and there is lots to do in the surrounding countryside. Find out how you can book a cottage today on