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Some years ago, students applying to join colleges with best or close to best SATs and ranked top in high school were always admitted to colleges in which they chose. But things have changed today. Mostly because more students are submitting applications each day, and these applications have become more than ever before. These highly competitive colleges now receive enormous applications every year and accept very few among them.

These is where academic consulting comes in. It is geared at helping students get the best extracurricular and academic chances, not directly for one college though, but provides higher opportunities when applying to highly selective colleges. Academic consultants can best help the student choose which path to follow from the word-go. And if a student gets to them later on while in the high school process, they can look for the last minute approach that can help the student realistically improve their applications. And this is where ExpertAdmit comes in;

Why Hire ExpertAdmit:

Primarily, we are in college admission consulting because we can help students get admitted to colleges of their choices. With our expertise, students can achieve a pleasant and lasting feeling of fulfilling their dreams. And that a great idea. What we don’t envy at ExpertAdmit are consultants who don’t have enough expertise in college admission. Unfortunately, most consulting firms are just that.

When should I hire ExpertAdmit college consulting agency?

We take students to be their consulting agency as early as when they are in their freshman and sophomore years. From this level, we mentor students to develop in extra curriculum activities of their passion and grow intellectual abilities for maximum performance. Giving support according to individual needs, just to make sure the applicant gets exceptional advice that will last a lifetime.

How we can be your college consulting agency.

We can communicate through FaceTime, email, Skype, phone, among other ways which best fit our clients. As a college application consulting agency, our headquarter is in Aspen, Colorado, with a satellite office in Miami, we represent students in and between coasts, available seven days a week. When we work with a student in and between coasts, with the above ways, it’s as if we are in the same room, going over the student’s work.

Do you work with students after they get admitted to colleges, too?

Yes, we do! Name them engineering, medical, business, law, among other programs schools. We help students differentiate themselves and be different from the rest. For sure, you will not find our medical students writing on how grandfather’s illness got them into medicine. You will not find our commerce students writing about trading futures. That will not take place in our watch.


ExpertAdmit is the best admission consulting agency. We analyze your child’s abilities to make sure he/she stands out between thousands of others. Whether your child wishes to be an artist, musician, athlete, dancer, engineer, leader, architect, debater, medical expert, entrepreneur, among others. Be assured at ExpertAdmit we not only give him/her information, but we also make sure that the student gets admitted in the college they wished to study.