Norfolk cottages

Great Cottages in Norfolk
Wheat Acre Barns is your choice for the best cottages in Norfolk. With a fully-functional dairy farm, the area is a haven for nature lovers and sightseeing. The Barns in Norfolk are also great for hosting family vacations, weddings and receptions. With picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery, Wheat Acre Barns truly showcases Mother Nature at her best. This includes plenty of open, green spaces blanketed with lush rolling hills and trees. Nestled within a tranquil and serene environment, these cottages are guaranteed to make you – and yours – feel right at home.
Barn Rentals for All Social Events
Wheat Acre Barns is the perfect venue for all your social gatherings and events. In fact, you will find a myriad of amenities and lavish, elegant features at every turn. This includes luxurious cottages with spacious rooms and wonderful décor. The onsite staff is always there to meet all your needs and requests. This includes complimentary bottle services, along with arranging tours of the farm and other attractions. Whether for holiday parties or romantic getaways, the Barns continue to be the “go to” place in Norfolk for all types of events and functions.
Barn Weddings and Receptions
The Barns are even perfect for traditional and contemporary weddings. With a spacious barn and banquet hall, the facility features exquisite décor at every turn. There is also a fully equipped kitchen with all the latest amenities and onsite staff. This is great for catering, as well as romantic candlelight dinners and buffets. There is also a large canopy for outdoor weddings and receptions. The staff also connects clients with area entertainment companies for receptions, corporate parties, proms, and other events.  If you want to experience true hospitality with a touch of class, go no further than the Barns at Norfolk.
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