Orchestral Music Stand

RAT Stands specializes in orchestral music stands for all events. In fact, the first RAT stand was created back in 1976 – as a cutting-edge illuminated unit. We were also commissioned by one of the UK’s leading opera companies to design and build the stand. Since then, our products have been featured across 500 operate houses, concert halls, theaters and civic centers all over the globe. Our stands are not only durable for conductors and performers alike – but designed to enhance any performance with aesthetically-pleasing light and eye-catching illumination systems.

The RAT Stand Experience

RAT Stands continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. In fact, our design philosophies always reflect the current and burgeoning musical performance trends. This is what enables us to create and produce stands and lighting – that stand the test of time and can adapt to any musical genre or environment. From operas and plays to concerts and live performance, RAT Stands are technically advanced and designed to support artists, musicians, conductors, and entertainers. We are also proud to feature a full range of orchestral music stands and accessories, including but not limited to:

•    Music and orchestral stands – adjustable, standard, lightweight – mobile.
•    Conductor stands for operas and all live musical performances.
•    Innovative and cutting-edge lighting and illumination products and services.
•    Speed Decks.
•    Tablet Stands.
•    Chairs – performer chairs, conductor chairs and more.

Orchestral Stands

Our classic orchestral stands are designed with contemporary and traditional components. This includes slender metal parts, along with an elegantly formed natural birch wood tray. The trays can also be stained to correlate with any musical or concert hall décor and theme. These stands are perfect for professional musicians, conductors, and entertainers the world over.