Security Consultancy Cambridge

So long as your business collects any kind of client data security is something that you should take seriously. If you collect clients’ names and contacts and they fall into the wrong hands your clients will end up receiving a lot of unsolicited emails, and if they trace the breach back to you they may abandon your business for good. If your clients provide credit card details you should be even more careful – they stand to lose a lot should you suffer a security failure.
As you plan for IT services you have to include fees for security consultancy. It is best done by the same company that does your IT systems – they know your system and its weaknesses, so they can create proper defences for it. There are many IT agencies that claim to provide IT security consultancy but you shouldn’t take them at their word. There are some important things you ought to look into before you hire.
The first is whether they understand your system and the kind of threats that it is likely to come under. There are different types of IT systems out there, and they are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks. A good IT company will take the time to audit your system and then discuss solutions with you.
Updating firewalls and other security software on a regular basis is very important. Find out how often your system will be updated and whether you will be required to pay for each update – it can be very expensive to pay per update, so you may want to sign a deal where you only pay once.
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