Small conveyor belt

What You Need to Know about Small Conveyor Belt Types
Conveyor belts are an important resource in enhancing mobility in the manufacturing or processing industry. Today, small conveyor belts for sale have diversified to allow industries to personalize how they manufacture, package, or transport products.
Conveyor Belt Types
Conveyor belts are made of different materials, which determine their durability. The main small conveyor belt types available today are plastic modular belts, PTFE mesh belts, and polyurethane conveyor belts.
Plastic conveyor belts are very affordable and have top-notch performance. They are fitted with sprockets which reinforce the conveyor system to work seamlessly and to eliminate issues like mistracking. The plastic material is strong enough to withstand damage from corrosion or abrasion. You can operate these belts in temperatures between -90°F and 220°F and they still maintain their strength. In addition, plastic conveyor belts are available in a variety of colors to contrast with the product hence improving visibility.
PTFE belts are made from durable fibreglass which makes them ideal for environments with a lot of heat or UV radiation. This type of conveyor belt is mostly used in the textile and rubber industry. The fiberglass is woven to add to the belt’s strength and stability. The surface of the belt is designed with non-stick properties to ensure products don’t cling onto it even in high temperatures. You would find this belt useful in the drying phase of production.
Polyurethane belts are made from thermoplastic TPU sheets that are of two grades; TPU blue and TPU translucent. Both thermoplastic belts are ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The plastic is safe when in contact with food or drugs in transit.
Whether you are in the manufacturing or food industry, modern conveyor belts will suit all your industrial needs. Small conveyor belts for sale are constantly being remodelled to be more specific to your industrial niche and at an affordable cost.