Opticians Near Me

When the time comes to get a new pair of glasses you may be tempted to travel to a nearby big city where there are big optician shops to find what you need. Here is what you may not know: although the major vendors of eye glasses may have a wider array of frames, opticians near you have exactly the same and they are liable to charge less because they have lower business overheads. It therefore makes no sense to go out of your way to find an optician for your new pair of glasses unless you are seeking something very specific.
Even in cases where you are seeking a particular pair of frames and lenses you should talk to a good local optician before you cast a wider net. Let them know what you are looking for and they can contact a supplier. In a few days you will be able to collect your glasses and you will not have paid as much as if you had chosen to buy from one of the big vendors.
If you are getting glasses for the first time you ought to make sure that you have a proper diagnosis and a prescription to help correct your vision. This will be corrected through a series of tests by an optometrist. To make it easier you can choose an optician who serves as an optometrist too – many are trained for both fields.
If you come across an optician who is doing a hard sell – insisting on certain add-ons to your lenses for example – you should be careful; you could be dealing with a snake-oil salesman.
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