Norfolk Wedding Venues

We all dream of that day when someone will say yes I do in a large crowd of people. Such moments in life requires the best places to occasion them. A wedding reception is the best part of a wedding schedule after the ‘’you can now kiss the bride’’. Many people will always have something to say about the reception.  So having good reception will have positive vibes from your friends and family members not forgetting your co-workers. At Elms Barn, we boast of having one of the elegant wedding receptions you can ever wish for. We have enough space to accommodate the number of people on your guest list, we will never disappoint you. The enormous space is big enough for a complete wedding setting. Including a buffet, dance floor Dj set chairs and many more. Our three-day wedding reception is ideal for guests who have travelled from far and can happily spend a night in the available rooms. This can help save the money you could use to book hotel rooms for your guests. Our rooms can hold up to 34 guests in your guest list.  With us there is no need of having separate reception due to lack of space for your guests.  We are there to fulfil your needs and make your ideal wedding dream come true.

We ensure that our compound does not hinder your wedding reception enjoyment because of obstructions. We are qualified in wedding decoration and arrangements that will have you wondering how we made it possible. Do you want a private wedding reception? With no get crushers from people you don’t know. Having a big day even in some public place can be very disturbing. There is no privacy and a lot of distractions from passersby, hooting cars and many more. However, Elms Barn’s amazing wedding barn services has got your back. We provide a private place in a relaxed environment far from the city noise. You never know who might gate crush your party might be very embarrassing for such to happen on your big day. Make it private by coming to us for the best experience of your lifetime.

A Great View

People always love what they see if it is appealing. The expensive and luxurious look at our reception will give you the real idea of a grand reception. An excellent view comes with a lot of advantages more so when it comes to taking photos of your wedding or filming it for future reference.