World’s hottest chilli sauce

Hot sauce has been a major eating habit in the life of men since the ancient times. This is specially for people who love spicy foods, and consider hot sauce or chilli a requisite condiment. These are fans who understand that not every hot sauce is made the same and want something beyond the mild kick of traditional hot sauces like Chosula or Tabasco. They want the intense spicy hot sauces. If you fall in this category, then Darn Spice has that list for you, because these hot sauces are world’s hottest grim reaper chilli.

For over 20 years we have been at the forefront providing chilli lovers with some of the world’s hottest chillies. Some of the flavours include:

Dragon’s Blood Mega Hot Sauce

The sauce has won several awards other sauces can only aspire. With proportionate undertones of pineapple and naga ghost jolokia chillies, the sauce boasts of a well satisfying burn. At around 800,000 Scoville Heat Units, this product is one of the world’s hottest chillies for everyday use. People who have used it, describe it as truly a taste bud tickler. The pineapple taste and heat bursts, matching the dragon’s breath.

Doomsday Chilli Extract

Widely known for its euphoric feeling, the sauce has a rating of 1.6 million Scoville Heat Units. The item is made from African hottest peppers and is used in place of rapeseed oil in making of hot dogs. Due to its sensational burn, the chilli is not ingested directly but used as a food additive only.

Dragon’s Blood Mega Hot Sauce

Dragon’s Blood XXX Ultra Hot Sauce – In case the Doomsday Chilli is not hot enough, well this one is 12 SHUs. The chilli does not compromise on heat or flavor. It comes with double all the flavor of Bragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce, combined with a 500,000 scoville extract. The heat and sting is slow but built with intensity, and will simply blow you away. This is one of the hottest British chilli and should be treated with extreme caution by users. People who have used it attest to its very pleasant, long lasting and satisfying high heat sauce.


Collapsible Music Stands

A music sheet stand is one of the most important accessories that you can own as a sheet music performer. Since you don’t want any mishaps while you are before an audience it is important that you choose your stand carefully – choose one that isn’t sturdy and it may lead to unnecessary embarrassments. It is also important to choose one that is portable, and that is where collapsible music stands come in. A collapsible music stand is one that folds into a smaller unit that you can easily take around with you. There are many in the market and in order to find the right one you have to choose carefully. Here is what you should be looking for:
•    How small does it become when it is collapsed? There are many that fold but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they become more portable, especially if you don’t have a car. Before you buy a collapsible music stand make sure to fold it and see its size.
•    The weight of the stand also matters. You are looking for one that is heavy enough not to fall over from slight disturbances, but you also want one that is easy to carry around. Again, check it before you buy.
•    Although a music stand is primarily for holding music you will also need to place small items on it such as a pen, eraser, pins and so on. There are music stands that have a few inches of additional space at the top. If you will be using your music stand to store books you should be looking for one that has one or two shelves.
•    If you are a beginner you may be looking for a music stand that can hold one paper at a time, but as you get more advanced you will need one that can hold more, which means that you are looking for a wide music stand.
•    Durability is important especially if you travel around with your music stand. The last thing you want is to arrive at a performance only to find that the legs of your music stand are bent. Make sure to choose a music stand that is made out of a tough but light material.
•    If you will be doing traditional concert hall performances you should be looking for a music stand that is black in color. If, however you want something that you will be using at home you can get something colorful.
•    The height of your stand also matters. While it is true that you will play while sitting down most times, you may in future be required to perform while standing and this will require you to make your music stand taller.
One of the best dealers in music stands in the UK is RATstands. They have been in the business for more than 40 years and today they supply the best music venues all across the world. They have all the music stands and accessories that you need. You can find out more on their website,

Hall farm cottages norfolk

In the past, hall farm cottage holidays were reserved for the rich – they were so expensive that most people could not afford them. Today, however, more and more people are choosing to spend their holidays in cottages because they are much cheaper and they come with many other advantages. For one, they offer a lot more privacy than hotels. In a hotel, you are always interacting with strangers and hotel staff. If you stay in a cottage you have your own space and you will not bump into anyone unless you want to.
 Hall farm holiday Norfolk are particularly appealing because they are set in a beautiful countryside where you get all the peace and quiet that you need to relax and do whatever you want. Here are other benefits of staying in a Norfolk cottage for your holiday:
 • There us no better way to explore the British countryside than to stay in a Norfolk cottage. There is lots and lots to explore ranging from museums and galleries to underground waterways to traditional architecture.
 • One of the main reasons why people are choosing holiday cottages over hotels is the meals – you get to prepare your own meals unlike in a hotel where your meals are decided by the chef. In addition to that, if you are staying in a hotel you are forced to take your meals at certain times, which means that you are restricted. In a cottage you can come and go as you please. If, by the way, you have food restrictions a cottage is a great idea because you have control over your meals.
 • Cottages come fully stocked just like hotels except that you get a fully equipped kitchen. You get beddings, toiletries and everything else that you need to make your holiday a great one.
 • The main reason why you are going on holiday in the first p[lace is so that you can relax. It can be hard to do that in a hotel because there are so many people. If you value your privacy you will be much better off staying in a cottage.
 One of the best hall Norfolk farm cottages is the Wheatacre Hall Barns. They have great, original cottages there and you will get everything that you need for a relaxing holiday. In addition to that, there is a lot for you to do – you can visit tourist attractions nearby, go to the beach and more.

Norfolk luxury cottages

Have your holidays become boring and predictable? Are you always staying in hotels? How about making a change this year and staying in a luxury cottage norfolk? Luxury cottages are quickly becoming the preferred way to go on holiday for good reason – they have many advantages over hotel holidays. If you choose to stay in a Norfolk luxury cottage here is what you will enjoy:

 • The top reason why more and more people are choosing luxury cottages is the fact that they offer much more privacy than hotels do. When you are staying in a hotel you are constantly bumping into other people. In addition to that, hotel employees are in and out of your room all the time. Cottages offer a lot more privacy – you will not bump into other guests unless you want to.
 • Cottages are great when it comes to meals – you get to prepare your own food unlike in hotels where you are restricted to a menu or a buffet. People who have food restrictions (kosher, vegetarian, allergies) get to prepare meals that are suitable for them.
 • A Norfolk luxury cottage is great because you get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside unlike in cities where you have to deal with the hassle and bustle of crowds and traffic – after all, the main reason you are going on holiday is so that you can relax.
 • Norfolk luxury cottages are great because you can take your whole family along and stay in the same house. If you take them to a hotel you all have to stay in different rooms which can be inconveniencing.
 • If you have kids there is no better place to take them on holiday that a luxury cottage – the setting is very much like home so there are no distractions at all. The fresh country air is great for them and they have more room to play.
 • Luxury cottage holidays are almost always cheaper than hotel holidays. You get to save money which you can use to buy gifts and souvenirs for friends and family.
 • In case you are worried that you will get bored staying in a cottage, you will be happy to know that in Norfolk there is plenty for you to do. There are many tourist destinations and you can while away the time doing things like fishing, exploring the country and more.
 We recommend that you book a cottage at Wheatacre Hall Barns. They have excellent cottages and there is a lot for you to do. Find out more by visiting their website,

A level easter revision courses

More and more parents are choosing to send their children for A Level Easter revision courses as a way to boost their learning before they sit their exams in the summer. These courses are designed to offer a fresh and more intensive look into specific subjects. That said, you have to be careful about where you send your child for Easter revision courses – there are some providers who are not very good. To help you, here are tips that you can use when you are selecting Easter revision schools:
 • You want a school that has a history of passing its students. It means that they have a good faculty and the course material is thorough. You also want to find a school that is competitive – your child will benefit more in such an environment.
 • Because the Easter period is so short you don’t want your son or daughter to have to commute to and from school. Find a school that has boarding facilities. Your child should be able to stay in their own en suite room. They should get 3 meals a day and a snack. There should be a boarding manager who is available at all times to supervise the students. You want to get more information about best boarding schools, take your time to visit our site.
 • If your child has problems in specific modules you should find a school that teaches that particular module – not all of them go into detail. In addition to that, if your child is not fluent in English you should find a school that has a big focus on it; they will need it to get into university.
 • If your child cannot make it to the campus for some reason there are some schools that offer individual tuition. Teachers should be able to come in at the appointed time and your child can take all their lessons at home.
• In order to test what your child has leaned there should be a mock test at the end of the revision period. The grade that your child gets will be an indicator of how hard they have to work before exams come round in the summer.
One of the best schools that you can send your child for Easter revision is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth form Studies. They have some of the best teachers in the country and they have a very high success rate. Their Easter revision courses are detailed and well organized and you can be sure that your child will come away with more than they had when they went in. Being a student and I recommend you to read this site to find more about best boarding schools uk.

Cone Paper Cups

Whether you own a gym, a shop or even an office there is always the need for people to rehydrate. Usually, they do so at the water cooler using plastic cups. These, however, are slowly dying out and with good reason – plastic is bad for the environment and because the water cooler produces so much of it people have come to appreciate cone paper cups more. These are just what they sound like – paper cups that are made out of coated paper and shaped in the form of a cone. Apart from being better for the environment because they can be recycled, they are also cheaper because they don’t have a flat bottom.

Cone paper cups are not only used in business settings; ice cream vendors are using them to sell ice cream and they are also used to sell sweets. There is no reason why you cannot buy these cups for a party in your home – they will leave a much smaller carbon footprint than paper cups.

Another argument that has been made for cone paper cups is the fact that they are less likely to be left lying around. Once you drink out of them you crush them and throw them in a waste paper basket next to the cooler leaving for a cleaner and tidier water cooler area.

There are many manufacturers of cone paper cups in the UK but this does not mean that you buy from the first one that you come across. You should be very careful when choosing manufacturers if you want to wind up with the right cups at a price that you can afford. To start with, make sure that the vendor that you buy from has cone paper cups of the right quality – if the wrong type of material is used the cups will crumble at the slightest pressure. Ask them to send you cups of different sizes for you to sample before you buy.

It is also important that you choose a manufacturer who can brand your cups with your logo; the more people see your logo the more they are likely to buy from you. Lead time also matters a great deal – you don’t want to choose a manufacture who takes more than a day or two to fulfill your order.

One of the best cone paper cups manufacturer in the UK is The Paper Cup Factory. Their cups are made from top quality materials, they have them in different sizes and they deliver on time. You can find out more on their website,

Norfolk Wedding Venues

We all dream of that day when someone will say yes I do in a large crowd of people. Such moments in life requires the best places to occasion them. A wedding reception is the best part of a wedding schedule after the ‘’you can now kiss the bride’’. Many people will always have something to say about the reception.  So having good reception will have positive vibes from your friends and family members not forgetting your co-workers. At Elms Barn, we boast of having one of the elegant wedding receptions you can ever wish for. We have enough space to accommodate the number of people on your guest list, we will never disappoint you. The enormous space is big enough for a complete wedding setting. Including a buffet, dance floor Dj set chairs and many more. Our three-day wedding reception is ideal for guests who have travelled from far and can happily spend a night in the available rooms. This can help save the money you could use to book hotel rooms for your guests. Our rooms can hold up to 34 guests in your guest list.  With us there is no need of having separate reception due to lack of space for your guests.  We are there to fulfil your needs and make your ideal wedding dream come true.

We ensure that our compound does not hinder your wedding reception enjoyment because of obstructions. We are qualified in wedding decoration and arrangements that will have you wondering how we made it possible. Do you want a private wedding reception? With no get crushers from people you don’t know. Having a big day even in some public place can be very disturbing. There is no privacy and a lot of distractions from passersby, hooting cars and many more. However, Elms Barn’s amazing wedding barn services has got your back. We provide a private place in a relaxed environment far from the city noise. You never know who might gate crush your party might be very embarrassing for such to happen on your big day. Make it private by coming to us for the best experience of your lifetime.

A Great View

People always love what they see if it is appealing. The expensive and luxurious look at our reception will give you the real idea of a grand reception. An excellent view comes with a lot of advantages more so when it comes to taking photos of your wedding or filming it for future reference.

New Builds in Suffolk & Essex

Are you in need of a new home in Ipswich? Welcome to Hopkins Estate Agents. We offer a variety of selections of both new and older properties. Ipswich has experience in an increase in family homes since they are on high demand. We have homes with desirable neighbor hoods just as you like it. The homes in our list have the nature touch with a relaxed environment to keep you at rest from your days hustle. We have big houses that have three to four bedrooms placed strategically in cool areas with a solitary life. We lead as others follow. Our clients have always called us to thank us for making their dream come true.

The new builds Essex homes we have are surrounded with a private garden and off-street parking. The internal decoration of the buildings is just magnificent giving your dream home a kingly look. The internal decorations are traditional with some open plan always making sure to get you something that matches your lifestyle. Hopkins home agency selects the best homes looking at the interiors that match your modern dream home. That has always made us the best agency in this business. It’s never all about your money but what is best for you. Working to your satisfaction has always been our number one goal. Nothing attracts most people as a fully furnished kitchen. Our home kitchens come with an oven, hob and extractor fan. Our clients have the opportunity to choose from the variety of kitchen stylish units. These include classy and decorative wall tiles, floor tiles and worktops. The bathrooms will have you screaming for they are spanking new and flashy made with stylish white sanitary ware. Hopkins uses a traditional approach in building and home selection. We love to preserve culture and traditions. We make our homes look very comfortable and easy to maintain. The comfort and friendly atmosphere of a home are imperative.

Having a home in the County town of Ipswich is one thing you can dream of. The rich history of the city makes it exceptional. This is because the town has a variety of cultural activities that will never leave your weekends boring. With a modern and traditional blend, this city makes it easy for everyone to fit in. Social amenities like theatres, a cinema, restaurants, cafes, bars and high street, will make your life very comfortable. Big shops boutique and restaurants are just all over the place with a variety of tasty foods to choose from.

Beds, Mattresses, and Furniture for Home Comfort

Reeds in Norfolk recognizes the benefits of having a conformable bed for the provision of a good night’s rest is to any individual’s health. We have gone out of our way to provide a unique range of sleeping assortments. Our protifolio will accommodate any of your unique preferences. We have ideal sleeping solution for everyone in the family. We have fun beds that are ideal for your children, with the classier adult grand four posts for those looking for status in their taste.

Choosing an ideal bed may seem like a simple task but once you get to the shop, you are many options. That is why Mattresses Norfolk has taken into consideration the need of assistance in the selection of suitable mattress and bed solution with the acquisition of a highly professional staff. We will offer assistance in going through the catalogue of options as well as narrow the selection to the best solution for you. In addition to that, our website has a unique one of a kind means of scheming through our mattress and bed types and sizes through easy to use tabs.

Our services extend beyond the simple provision of quality basic structures, specifically beds and mattresses, but to other bedroom furniture as well. Drawers, bedside and dressing tables inclusive of wardrobes are all within our inventory. We ensure that we not only provide durable goods, but items that are of great quality and design as well. We have divided our goods into departments. The first of which is beds and mattresses. Some of the items under this department include;

· Bed frames

Our bedsteads are attractive and provide a means of adding class to the bedroom. We have wood, cabin and leather options. They are part of the complementary bedroom furniture

· Sofa beds

We have a number of leather and fabric upholstered sofa beds ideal for guests. We have lager set of sofa beds ideal for the sitting room.

· Headboards

On offer are 100 million different headboards for our consumer to choose from. They range in style and design, with an array of fabric to choose from.

· Hypnos beds

These are luxury pocket spring beds made by hand with a specialty in perfection of the most comfortable bed on earth.

· Tempur

These technologically developed mattresses are designed to relive pressure by conforming to the shape of your body.

· Beds

We provide a huge range of luxurious beds that are ideal for the whole family. Some of the brands include Myers, Harrison and Selenite. Our entire quality brand is available at our store. We also provide guest bed options such as fold away and inflatable beds.